Home & Community Support

Our home and community support services can cater for any age and can be uniquely tailored to the individual’s support needs.

Our supports can include;

Personal Care

Personal Care (e.g. showering, toileting, dressing or mealtime assistance)

In-home care

In-home care (e.g. help with morning/evening routines, medical prompts or meal preparation)

Community Access

Community Access (e.g. support to get out to do recreational activities, attend events/gatherings or attend appointments)

Therapy Assistance

Therapy assistance (e.g. provide assistance in therapy sessions or assist with therapy needs outside sessions)

Tutoring and mentoring

Tutoring and mentoring (e.g. provide assistance with homework)

Daily living skills

Improved daily living skills (e.g. assist with improving on current daily living skills)

Life skills development

Life skills development (e.g. teach a new skill)

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