About Us

Ability2Connect is a disability support provider. We service NDIS participants who are plan managed or self-managed. Ability2Connect can offer support services in the southern and eastern suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia.


Our core value is to provide reliable services and meet the needs of our clients promptly. We are reducing the frustration of not having dedicated and properly trained support staff.


Our services will be different, as the owner of Ability2Connect, Liam, is a participant of the NDIS. Liam has an excellent knowledge of what support workers can and cannot do.

Through personally experienced support staff who are not reliable in supporting their clients. Liam will ensure he is always prompt and reliable with his clients.


Liam is a friendly and professional young man. He is extremely caring and able to be a support worker. He knows first-hand what it’s like to live with a disability. Therefore, Liam has a unique experience and empathy in this area.